Welcome to MPZ API

Welcome to the MPZMail API. With the API you can access almost every area of MPZMail programatically by sending and receiving XML.

Getting Started

In order to get started with the MPZMail API you will need the following...
  • The ability to send and recieve XML requests via POST
  • An API Key
  • A little bit of programming knowledge

The API Key and how to get it.

An API key allows access to the data held within ONE MPZMail Account. Every MPZMail has it's own unique API Key.

You can either:

You're ready to rock!

Once you have an API Key, use the links located to the left of the page to explore the various methods of sending and retrieving data to and from MPZMail.

If you require any assistance with the MPZMail API please don't hesitate to get in touch!


We have also made the following libraries available to speed up development.